Arizona Teacher’s Strike Ends As Governor Ducey Signs Education Funding Bill

The recent Arizona teacher’s strike had many public schools shut down. Teachers across Arizona were demanding more money and school funding. For years, people have been outraged at teacher’s low salaries. All over Arizona, one can see “Red for Ed” protest signs on t-shirts and car windows. People have been upset over a lack of public education funding for a long time now. Arizona has been rated with one of the worst public schooling systems in the country. For years, Arizona residents have lamented about the lack of educational funding. I have many friends in the valley who work in education and I have heard many complaints from them about low pay and a lack of funding. Teachers are educating our future generations with very low resources and incentive to do well. Many public-school teachers also have low job security, despite being college-educated and experienced. I had many teachers in my high school go back to college to get their masters due to a lack of job security, putting themselves in even more student debt. Many believe that teachers should be paid more, considering what an important job they have and what they contribute to society. Jobs in education see high social respect, but low-pay leaves teachers with a lot of societal respect and not enough pay to show for it. Arizona teachers protested at the Capitol last Thursday, leading to many Arizona public schools having to close, (2). Arizona educators are finally ending their walkout, after Doug Ducey signed a bill increasing education funding, (1). People are calling for our government to invest in our children.

A new plan has been implemented, dubbed the “#20×2020” plan. With this plan, teachers are going to see a 20% boost in pay within the next three years, (1). They should be seeing a 10% boost by the end of 2018. While this is a step in the right direction, many teachers are upset over the fact that other laws they have demanded have been shut down, (1). While it is good to see that the walkout has helped these teachers get higher salaries, Arizona’s public-school system still has a long way to go. There are many more laws which need to be imposed on Arizona’s public schooling system.