Justin Billingsley

justin-billingsleyJustin Billingsley Arizona native and passionate blogger about all things Arizona.  I have started this blog to talk about only Arizona related news and views but especially I want to promote the beautiful images of Arizona.  Yes we have horribly hot summers but we are not one of the top choices for the snowbirds for nothing.  While the rest of the country shovels snow we lie by the pool or go on hikes, trails or if we need a snow fix we travel two hours from Phoenix to Flagstaff or the White Mountains.  We really do have it all in Arizona. Of course from June to September my friends back East love to rib me about the heat and its true its pretty brutal.  However, the beautiful winter’s from October to May does make up for it.

Check back here for great stories about Arizona as I will be building this blog over the next few months.  You can also visit my other blogs on http://www.justinbillingsleyarizona.com/ ny food blog, https://www.orionweblog.com my technology blog and my wordpress blog which is still a work in progress http://justinbillingsleyarizona.blog