Scottsdale Classic Car Shows


One of the great joys of living in Arizona in the winter is all the beautiful classic cars. You do not need to go to a show to see them either.  You often see these beautiful often colorful classics being driven on Scottsdale Road and around town.  I attended a meet up recently at Indian Bend and Pima and the cars were just beautiful.  I took a lot of pictures but here are some of my favorites.  Look at the beautiful Coker which you can buy online from Performance Plus Tires 

IMG_1098Coker TireIMG_1057IMG_1073 IMG_1056IMG_1074

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    1. I love doing it Amy, I spend about 5 hours a week on my blogs. I am hoping to start monetizing them one day and maybe I can then cut down on real work. I hear about these blogger stories all the time it has’nt happened to me yet though 🙂

  1. Im not really a car person but I love to go to car shows. Its funs to see the classic cars and see how things have changed.

  2. Its always fun to see one of these cars driving down the street unexpectedly. Even more fun when you can take a peek inside.

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